7 Things You Should Do If Your Roof is Leaking

Roof leaks can be a serious problem for homeowners. Your home should be a safe place where you can feel secure and protected from the elements. Unfortunately, rain and snow can easily get into your home. Incidents do happen and it is important to act quickly if you suspect that your home may sustain water damage.

There are key steps you can take to prevent your roof from leaking and manage the situation. These are the seven steps you should follow:

1. Get Things Moving

It’s enough to make your roof leak. It’s not something you want to do to your belongings. It’s time for you to clean up any water that has leaked from your furniture, clothing, or bed.

Water damage can cause irreparable damage to your valuable belongings. Some fabrics can trap water, which can cause mildew-like smells. Do whatever you can to get it done quickly!

2. Keep the water in your body

Try to stop a leaky roof as soon as you can. To reduce the damage and impact water can cause, grab buckets, trash cans, towels, or any other means you can use to collect it.

It could also cause damage to your floors. To reduce the chance of water damage, make sure there are several containers that can hold the water.

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3. Reduce water pressure

An bulge that hangs from your ceiling can indicate that water is collecting there. It is a good idea to make a hole in that area. You should not leave the area unattended as the water can spread and cause further damage to the ceiling.

It could also erupt by itself and cause a bigger mess. To catch water, use a screwdriver. Depending on the severity of the leak, several punctures may be required.

4. Tarp the Roof

A tarp can be used if your roof isn’t fixed immediately. Cover the problem area with the tarp if the roof can be climbed safely. Sometimes, it is difficult to locate the problem areas. If you’re having difficulty finding the problem area, it is worth determining the source of the leak. Read our article Roof repair: 9 Common Issues, the Easiest Method to Fix Them. Make sure it is at least 6 millimeters thick and covers the entire problem area up to the peak. To prevent water from getting underneath the tarp, you can tuck the shingles under the peak if it is too far away.

It provides ample protection around the perimeter, and makes sure that the entire area is covered.

5. Photographs for insurance documentation

Are you looking for the best way to fix a leaky roof? This is the first step. If you are able to file a claim for home insurance, it will be a great idea to document your damages. It is vital to document all details and take photographs.

It not only shows the extent of roof damage but also other items damaged. Document any damage to your TV, computer, furniture or bedding caused by the roof leak. Insurance may be able to repair the roof or replace any items that were damaged.

If you think you have the skills to fix your roof, you should contact Family Handyman or another professional roofer for professional roof repair. Safety is the most important thing when working on roofs. There are many things you need to know!

6. Contact a professional roofing company

Leaking roofs can be a major undertaking so call the professionals. The more you delay, the more serious the problem will become. You can only do so much to fix the problem. For a better experience with roofing, it is recommended to contact a local contractor.

Professional roofers can fix the damage and inspect other areas of your roof that might need repair or reconstruction.

7. Maintain a regular roof maintenance

Once the roof has been repaired and everything is back to normal, it’s time to do more. Routine maintenance is the best way of preventing leaks. Roofs are subject to extreme weather conditions and wear. Routine roof maintenance includes:

  1. You should inspect your roof for trees that have grown too close and if necessary, cut back any branches and limbs.
  2. Make sure that gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves and other debris. Your house must allow water to flow as intended.
  3. After severe weather, check for damage such as missing or loose shingles.
  4. Check for cracks in your chimney
  5. Locate and replace any split or curled shingles

Weather conditions such as hail, snow, or rain can cause shingles to become weaker over time. Keep your house in top condition by properly maintaining major systems such as your roof.

Sometimes, it is harder than spotting a hole in the ceiling of your attic. There are many possible causes, from failing flashing to clogged rain gutters to crumbling roofing shingles.

The dangers of a leaky roof

Roof leaks can be frustrating and dangerous. These are some things you should be aware of:

  • Mold
    • Mold can be caused by leaks that aren’t fixed immediately. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew.
    • Mold can cause health problems, but it can also damage wall and flooring coverings and wood framing.
    • Mold can reduce the marketability and value of your home.
  • Fire & Electrocution Hazards
    • If water is allowed to seep into the electrical wiring of your home, roof leaks can be a fire hazard. It can short-circuit the wires and cause sparks in the surrounding areas. It can also cause electrocution if it is touched.
  • Higher Energy Bills
    • Due to the water buildup in insulation, an increase in energy bills could be caused by increased water consumption. You might notice a difference in your utility bills if this happens.
  • Ceiling and Attic Damage
    • Your attic could be in danger from water leaks. Leakage in your attic could cause problems with ventilation, which can affect the comfort levels throughout the rest the house.
    • It can also cause damage to the ceiling. Leakage water causes brown spots on the ceiling and can cause plaster to bubble up and expand.

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Don’t panic if your roof leaks. It can be a major inconvenience to have a leaky roof. If you follow these steps, you can manage the situation. Despite this, you will need professional help.

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